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The material of the cable tray is another common problem in the design of the cable tray. According to the material division, the cable tray mainly has several kinds of steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic and aluminium alloy.


Glass fiber reinforced plastic cable bridge is characterized by its light weight and only 1/4 of carbon steel. It has good water resistance and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for chemical plants. Not easy to burn, flame retardant oxygen index = type glass steel cable tray 32.


The service life is long, the general design life is 20 years, but the price is 3 times of the steel cable tray. The superiority of the construction is convenient cutting and flexible assembly, installation without fire, the chemical hazardous environment and engineering significance of plant engineering construction period is especially important, because in the hazardous environment, fire engineering installation of chemical plant must be discontinued, the economic benefit will be affected.


Aluminum alloy cable tray weight is very light, due to the different proportion of aluminum and steel (Al=2.7, Fe=7.86), according to weight calculation, the ratio of aluminum steel is about 1:3. The size and load characteristics of aluminum alloy cable bridge are almost the same as those of steel bridge. As far as cost is concerned, the cost of aluminum alloy bridge is 20% higher than that of galvanized steel cable bridge, and the service life is more than 5 times of that of steel cable tray.


The surface anti-corrosion cable tray layer the main categories of hot-dip zinc, nickel plating, cold galvanized, electrostatic powder spraying etc., manufacturer information: life is not less than 40 years of hot galvanizing process, suitable for outdoor heavy corrosion environment, high cost.


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