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The bridge selected the special needs of low voltage power cable and control cable tray or share the same ladder, each other should be set in the partition; tray ladder 

branch, lead, lead at appropriate right elbow.


The cold galvanized cable bridge belongs to the thick film type material and has good thixotropy, and after full mixing, the coating can be painted with less or no thinner. Since the solid content of cold galvanizing is as high as 77%, a single airless spraying can obtain higher film thickness, reduce the volatilization of organic solvents and reduce the drying energy consumption, which are beneficial to environmental protection.

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Due to space constraints is not convenient to install the bent through or have special requirements, can choose a soft connection board, hinge plate; steel cable bridge length exceeds 30 m, Aluminum Alloy or glass steel cable bridge length over 15m, should set the elastic, elastic joints should be equipped with elastic plate; cohesion two a tray, is not the same as the width or height of the ladder can be equipped with wide or high plate.


If the use of the electrolytic device of cable tray by degreasing, pickling, add ingredients are zinc salt solution inside, while connecting the electrolytic device placed in the anode, zinc bridge opposite, connected to the cathode electrolytic device power is turned on, the current from the anode to the cathode of the fixed to mobile will be deposited on cable tray zinc plating, cold galvanized cable tray is first processed, is to play its antisepsis effects.

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