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The installation of the bus groove can be directly received from the transformer to the low-voltage distribution cabinet, and also can be directly connected to the distribution system from the low-voltage cabinet as the main line of the distribution.


1, cable tray and general piping (such as compressed air pipe etc.) parallel erection shall not be less than 400mm, and the corrosive liquid pipeline parallel erection shall not be less than 500mm, set up in parallel with the heat pipe, heat pipe with insulation layer is not less than 500mm, no insulation layer is not less than 1000mm.


2, the overall layout of the cable bridge should be the shortest distance, economic, reasonable and safe operation, and should meet the requirements of construction, installation, maintenance and installation of cables.


3, the cable bridge from the normal environment through the fire, -proof environment, the wall should be installed in the corresponding sealing device, from the interior through the wall to the outside, in the outer wall should be taken rainproof measures.


4. After cable laying, the deflection of the cable tray shall be no more than 1/200 of the span of the cable bridge. When the cable bridge span is greater than or equal to 6000mm, the deflection should be less than 1/150 of the span of cable bridge.


5, cable bridge and the general process of pipeline crossing, not less than 300mm, the corrosive gas pipeline above and below the cross pipe or corrosive liquids, shall not be less than 500mm, and the cross heat pipe and heat pipe with insulation layer, should be not less than 500mm, without thermal insulation, should not be less than 1000mm.


The bus duct with a socket can conveniently draw out the power supply through the socket head box or the plug-in switch box. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, compact structure, large transmission current, convenient maintenance, etc..

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